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By Tip Toe Renee from Burnaby, BC on 03/12/2021

Goodbye expensive pedicures!

Crouching down to reach the toes was uncomfortable as it was cutting off my breathing , using Salon Step made it easier to reach and polish your toes without any mess. The magnifying glass and drying fan also helped in accomplishing a more professional look. Setting up my Salon Step was very easy and efficient in storing it.

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By Penny from Macedon, NY on 03/13/2021

Convenient, stress free pedicures

Easy to set up! Easy to fold up and put away! Love the magnifying glass with light! - really helps to guide you when applying the nail polish! Convenient! Even has room for nail polish bottles - which makes it easier to paint toenails. Separate compartment for storing nail utensils!

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By Sunnylee from Massillon, OH on 03/15/2021

Accessible for painting nails

I have had 2 hip replacements and bending over is difficult. This makes it easy!

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By Ehop on 04/12/2021

Can reach my toes

I like that it is compact and sturdy.

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By Taja from Chesapeake, VA on 04/11/2021

Love my Salon Step

Surprised to find a product that actually works as expected and is so good I bought one for my sister, my mom and step-daughter! The magnifier and light are so helpful for aging eyes. Ability to adjust the foot rest perfect! A money saver for those who can’t afford expensive pedicures.

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By IVY J KAUTH from Aztec, NM on 04/09/2021

I love it

It is hard to add to perfection. I purchased two and now I need to get three more,

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By Seanne from Forest Hill, MD on 04/07/2021

Totally innovative, time and money saving! Love!

I think my only reservation would be in recommending to older/ "senior" individuals who might have physical limitations in reaching far enough forward to comfortably reach their toes. Otherwise, the "light," "magnifier" & "adjustability" make this product a Winner!

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By baa from Captiva, FL on 04/02/2021

I was very pleased with my service and the product

Salon step worked as advertised, and I really like it. Thank you very much!

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By SisSandy from Hyattsville, MD on 03/30/2021


I was not at home and delivery was Just dropped off and I didn’t get it but they sent me a replacement 😀

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By Sue from North Myrtle Beach, SC on 03/29/2021

Has everything you need for a pedicure

I love everything about the Salon Step except it could use a larger magnifying glass.

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By Sst from Burlington, NJ on 03/29/2021


Easy to use. I don’t have to been over. There’s nothing i don’t like about it.

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By Bea from Savannah, TN on 03/29/2021

So much easier to do my toes!!

Love the light!

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By Cindi from Sun City, AZ on 03/25/2021

product exactly as advertised.... no hype

price point great and quality of item wonderful... design is well planned and very thoughtful in consideration of the user ie: foot pad angles, light, and magnification are all so convenient....

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By Carol from Raeford, NC on 03/25/2021

Wish it was a liittle higher from the floor.

It definitely alleviated some of the back pain from stooping. The magnifying glass could be bigger.

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By Moon blue 6 from Weatherly, PA on 03/25/2021

Really makes things easier

Makes it easy to reach your feet without straining and also makes it so much easier to see

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By Julie the soapmaker from Fairfield, CA on 03/24/2021

It's all good!

Works very well. I've only had enough time to check it out and try it out to see how it feels, but it is tax time and with my business I'm really busy now, but am looking forward to using this fantastic gadget when I can unwind.

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By Carolyn W from Filion, MI on 03/23/2021



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By No more nail salons from Valrico, FL on 03/23/2021

Happy camper

The person I bought it for was pleased.

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By SMILEyC from Largo, FL on 03/23/2021

Good tool for taking care of my toes+

I wish I could connect it to USB power vs batteries (I haven't used the light and fan yet for that reason), but it works well for holding my feet while I filed and painted my toes. Used once, will use again. Also doubles as a stand for my space heater. 😛😉👍🏽

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By Maria from Spring, TX on 03/22/2021

Home pedi

Practical way to do your pedi at home.

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By Charles Hunter from Carrollton, TX on 03/22/2021

Responding to your survey

So far so good

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By Stephanie Hart from Canton, MI on 03/22/2021

Nice and compact for storage

Everything is great 👍

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By Happy feet! from Enumclaw, WA on 03/21/2021

What took so long?

I love it! My friend loves hers!

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By Highly satisfied from Calexico, CA on 03/20/2021

Salon Step Works as Advertised

Salon Step worked as advertised with Easy Setup.

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By Deborah from Colchester, IL on 03/20/2021


It awesome I like it

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By the big bopper from Abington, MA on 03/19/2021


bought as gifts , birthdays coming, email me end of the month thanks.

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By Monique from Redford, MI on 03/19/2021

Salon Step

I love my salon step it's so convenient and helpful while polishing my feet

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By Julie B from Ventura, CA on 03/19/2021

You can reach your feet with no pain

It is made just fine.

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By nanna from Amarillo, TX on 03/19/2021

Don't have a tiitle.

It appeared to tall for me. Had my foot a little to high.

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By Helen P. from La Mirada, CA on 03/18/2021

Works for me

This product is exactly what I had been looking for. I have seen similar items to this one, but they always involved placing them underneath a mattress or chair cushion which seemed like they would be unstable. When I saw the Salon Step I knew it would work much better. And it does! I've used it not only to do a pedicure for myself, but anytime I need to tie my shoes, or just clean my toenails, or anything involving lifting my foot up for more than several seconds. It works just fine for me, and I'm glad I found it. Thank you Salon Step!

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